Marvel Rivals devs explain why the game is a third-person shooter and not an FPS

Marvel Rivals’ closed alpha test begins next week, and players are fiending to get their hands on the six-vs-six hero shooter.

While the game draws obvious comparisons to Overwatch, one thing that separates it from Blizzard’s game is that Marvel Rivals is a third-person shooter, while OW2 is a first-person shooter. In a new developer blog today, Marvel Rivals’ creators explained why the choice was made to go third-person.

An image of Luna Snow from the Marvel Rivals trailer
You can see it all. Image via NetEase Games

“We brainstormed like mad scientists, and one thing we kept coming back to was the need to see the heroes you’re playing as,” the devs said in the blog post. “It’s all about fully embodying your favorite hero or villain, kicking butt in combat, and savoring the sweet taste of victory – this is the experience Marvel Rivals aims to deliver.”

The devs say that “shooting isn’t about guns” in Marvel Rivals, but the game is instead “about quick targeting, executing attacks (be it ranged or melee), and feeling the rush of unleashing those ultimate abilities” while offering “full 3D spatial combat freedom.”

“To achieve this, we decided early on to pursue TPS (that’s third-person shooter) as our combat core,” the blog reads. “It’s the perfect way to showcase the unique abilities and mobility of our heroes. You’ll see every punch, every blast, every spectacular move imaginable as you battle it out. The pace is off the charts as allies and foes zip, zoom, and zing across the battlefield, making every moment a thrill.”

The upcoming closed alpha test will help with feedback on things such as camera rules, camera positions, adjusting FOV, and tuning hero performances “to make sure they all shine.”

“With the third-person view, you’ll always have a front-row seat to the action while witnessing the real-time environment destruction, giving you the edge to strategize, support, and synergize with your team to dominate the game,” the blog reads.

Marvel Rivals’ closed alpha test will run from May 10 to 20.

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