CoD’s Season 3 Reloaded update adds surprise new Weapon Prestige camos for MW3, Warzone

A lovely surprise awaits Call of Duty players when Season Three Reloaded goes live today. There’s a brand new animated camo to grind for.

The One Trick camo is the first Weapon Prestige camo in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, adding an extra layer of grind for players to show off on their favorite guns. The key word here is favorite, because it takes a lot of usage to unlock.

One Trick is an animated camo that “coats the entire weapon surface in molten gold,” and you can see it in the Twitter/X post by Sledgehammer Games above. You can unlock it on a per-weapon basis by earning 150,000 XP with any weapon in the game.

According to the Season Three Reloaded patch notes, this is the first of several new Weapon Prestige camos being added, with a new one coming in each remaining season of MW3 that lies ahead in 2024.

Restricting the camo to a per-weapon basis is for “rewarding commitment and giving those of you completionists a grind to keep you busy for seasons to come,” according to the developer, so if you’ve been saving up weapon XP tokens, you’ll be basking in glory when it comes to unlocking the camo on your favorite guns. The challenge is even available for guns from Modern Warfare 2, so you can finally flex on your opponents with the camo on your Lachmann Sub or TAQ-56.

MW3’s Season Three Reloaded update also adds the BAL-27 assault rifle, new multiplayer maps and modes, along with new Zombies content like a new story mission and Warlord, and the return of the Specialist perk package in Warzone’s Resurgence mode.

The update goes live at 11am CT, bringing new content to all of CoD’s offerings, including Warzone Mobile.

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