ASCENDANT.COM drops start date for its explosive closed beta

A new team-based shooter, ASCENDANT.COM, is throwing its hat into the ring, with a closed beta session confirmed to run next week.

When it comes to PvP shooters, there’s currently a lot of attention on Marvel Rivals, which was leaked and subsequently announced recently. However, the Marvel Rivals alpha test is still a couple of months away, whereas you can start playing ASCENDANT.COM on April 5, provided you receive a beta key.

Described as “the world’s first adaption shooter” by developer PlayFusion, ASCENDANT.COM may lack recognizable Marvel characters, but it has unique hooks to help differentiate it from the likes of Overwatch 2 and Apex Legends. Instead of pitting two teams against one another, ASCENDANT.COM‘s matches consist of four teams of three and take place on an ever-shifting map. The map is as much of a danger to you as the enemy players, full of dangerous monsters and environmental hazards, like rooms that can fill with toxic gas. The map is never quite the same each time you play, forcing you and your teammates to rethink your strategies to keep successfully obtaining the three biocores every match, which you need to extract to win.

“Adaption” really is the keyword here, with a press release from PlayFusion stating: “With a dynamic map, unpredictable in-game events, multiple strategies, and weapon dynamics, it means that teamwork will be crucial—adapt or die trying is the name of this game!”

If you’re intrigued by the gameplay or simply dig the futuristic ’80s-inspired aesthetics it has going on, you can request a beta key via the official website. If you make it in, however, you only have two days to play the beta since it wraps up on April 6. The beta is only available on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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