Best In a Blink build in The First Descendant

Every loadout needs a High-Power Round weapon in The First Descendant, and shotguns are a solid option. In a Blink is a rare shotgun in the game, and it’s one of the most powerful ones you can find.

Similar to how Tamer has some of the highest DPS potential among weapons that use General Rounds, In a Blink has high DPS potential in the High-Power category.

Here’s our best build for the In a Blink shotgun in The First Descendant.

Best In a Blink Modules in The First Descendant

In a Blink Module loadout in The First Descendant
No crits make life just so much easier. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Generally, there’s no point in building Critical Hit on a shotgun because its base Critical Hit Rate is only two percent compared to something like a sniper that has around 40 percent. You only get so many High-Power rounds during fights, so to make the most out of your weapon, lean into other offensive stats, like Firearm ATK and Weak Point Damage.

Here are some of the recommended Modules for In a Blink:

Attribute Enhancement (e.g. Chill, Fire) Increases specific attribute’s ATK based on Firearm ATK
Bullet Rain Increases Fire Rate
Fire Rate UP Increases Fire Rate
Rifling Reinforcement Firearm ATK
Weak Point Detection Increases Weak Point Damage
Weak Point Sight Increases Weak Point Damage
Recycling Genius Increases Reload Time Modifier
Shell UP Increases Shell Capacity
Better Weapon Weight Increases Weapon Change Speed
Hawk-Eye Increases Accuracy

Aside from offensive stats, it’s worth investing in stats like Weapon Change Speed and Reload Time Modifier. They increase your overall DPS and make the weapon way more comfortable. Accuracy is another stat that gives the shotgun a better feel by lowering the pellet spread.

A thing to note is that the Shell Capacity stat doesn’t increase the starting ammo you get in activities like Void Intercept Battle, so it’s not a necessity.

Best stats for In a Blink in The First Descendant

Weapon Readjustment menu for In a Blink in The First Descendant
Firearm Critical Hit Rate is a wasted stat on this one. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Stats on your In a Blink follow the same logic. Any of the offensive or more supportive stats we mentioned for Modules work just fine. Since it’s a rare weapon, take your time (and resources) adjusting the weapon at the Workbench in Albion.

You don’t need to have perfect stats, but try to get two of the following in rare or Ultimate rarity:

  • Firearm ATK
  • Weak Point Damage
  • Bonus Firearm ATK (vs. Colossus)
  • Weapon Change Speed

Attribute ATK stats (like Fire ATK) are also good, but the main issue with them is you might lose out on damage when fighting an enemy with high resistance to the attribute. Most of the time, it’s easier to slot a Module to buff your Attribute damage rather than rerolling stats or having multiple copies of a weapon.

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