Best Priest build in Tarisland

If you’re playing a Priest in Tarisland, you’re job is to keep your party alive through heals and buffs. To get the most out of the Priest, we’ve prepared a quick guide to the best build in Tarisland.

Best Tarisland Priest build

A Priest flying in Tarisland.
Time for some AoE healing. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Priests in Tarisland are at their best when healing, not when doing DPS damage. Right off the bat, you should know the Priest class isn’t the most optimized healer to play at the time of writing this, and they are likely to get buffed in an upcoming patch. The Priest has the best AoE heals in the game, but its single target heals could be better.

Priest gear stats priority in Tarisland

Choosing the right stats for your Priest is pretty straightforward. Simply follow this table from the right (most important) to the left (least important):

Priest stats priority
Intelligence Critical Cooldown Omni Focus Stamina

When you start playing Priest and level up, the only thing you should focus on is Intelligence. When you reach the max level and start rerolling stats, you will still need to focus on Intelligence but reroll on the other stats to avoid the ones you don’t need. Keep these stats in mind when gearing up and leveling up your Path.

Priest healing rotation in Tarisland

When it comes to your heals, this is the order you want to go through (from top to bottom):

Ability name Description
Prayer Spam this as much as possible. It costs no mana, and it can proc Prayer of Light, which gives you a healing buff for six seconds.
Recover Spam this as much as possible. It costs no mana, and it can proc Prayer of Light, which gives you a healing buff for six seconds.
Light Wave Heals the party member with the lowest HP. Just like with Recover, always use this when it’s off cooldown.
Light Healing The strongest AoE heal you have. Only use this for multiple players or to save the yank.
Holy Guardian Use this on the main Tank when you know they are about to take some big damage.
Hymn of Light Stand in the middle of your entire party and fire this spell only when you know everyone will take a huge amount of damage.

Priest talent priority in Tarisland

For the most part, you can pick any of the talents you want in your talent tree as long as you equip the following:

Talent name Description
Mighty Wing Critical healing lets you proc certain abilities faster.
Prayer+ Increases Prayer potency and reduces Light Wave cooldown for each cast.
Light Wave+ Increases Light Wave potency and gives you additional AoE heals.
Light Harmony Reduces Hymn of Light cooldown and increase the potency of Light Healing.
Avatar of Light When Light Wave is active you have a better chance of getting critical heals.
Prayer of Light Gives you a healing buff for six seconds. The whole reason why you should spam Prayer.

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