You can visit a real-life Aetheryte Crystal ahead of Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail’s release

Square Enix is making every Final Fantasy XIV player’s dream come true by recreating an iconic in-game landmark in real life that anyone can see for themselves— so long as you are in London, U.K., for a short period of time.

In King’s Cross St. Pancreas in central London, Square Enix has created a real-life 1:1 scale of an Aetheryte Crystal to coincide with the launch of MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online’s fifth expansion, Dawntrail. The crystal is available from June 24, 7am to 11pm local time.

It doesn’t give players the best chance to play to see it for themselves, but for those lucky enough to be in London for today only, you can see it up close, take a picture, or strike one of your favorite poses beside it.

Those hoping to get some freebie or code might be slightly disappointed. The crystal is just there as a marketing campaign, and there won’t be any extra events awaiting you. So, if you live outside of London, don’t be too disgruntled if you miss out on this opportunity.

We wish it had been up all week to give people ample time to plan to see it instead of just randomly dropping it on a Monday when most people are at work or can’t travel to London anytime soon.

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