Best Yuanwu build in Wuthering Waves

Yuanwu is a four-star Resonator in Wuthering Waves, and you can obtain him for free by completing the Tower of Adversity in the mid-game.

His Electro Element makes him an accessible buffer for many Wuthering Waves characters. He’s a defensive juggernaut, improving the team’s anti-interruption aura to take down heavy bosses. Here’s how to build Yuanwu in Wuthering Waves.

How to build Yuanwu in Wuthering Waves

Yuanwu, four-star character from Wuthering Waves
An Electro buffer to boost your team. Image via Kuro Games

Yuanwu has a bit of underwhelming damage compared to other Electro counterparts. Nevertheless, if you play him as a Hybrid/Support character, he outshines most of the other Resonators in the game. You can pair him with Calcharo and Yinlin to set up a mono-electric team.

Depending on your team composition, Yuanwu can either be slotted as a Sub-DPS Hybrid role, which buffs your Main DPS and enhances the defensive stats of your team, or as a pure support to sustain Electro teams and reduce the Vibration Strength of the enemies to take them down quickly during boss battles.


Yuanwu's weapons in Wuthering Waves
Gauntlets that pack power! Screenshot by Dot Esports

Yuanwu prefers Gauntlet weapons, so getting the five-star weapon, Abyss Surges would be your ace choice as it increases Energy Regen while also giving you enhanced damage on your Resonance Skill. Choose Amity Accord or Stonard for four-star weapons if you want to be damage-heavy with your Electro damage.

If you’re looking for an early-game weapon specifically for building a support Yuanwu build, choose Originite: Type IV, which gives you health regeneration upon each basic attack, making you very tanky in the battles.

Echo sets and skill

Yuanwu's Echoes Set in Wuthering Waves
Echoes that power you to success. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Yuanwu is quite versatile in his builds, and his Echo sets also reflect this. If he is a Sub-DPS specializing in wearing the enemy down, the Void Thunder set enhances his Electro Attacks and increases his overall damage output. You can choose Thundering Mephis, as it adds to your damage.

You can also choose Moonlit Clouds or a mix of both to have energy regen, bring your Thunder Wedge ability quicker in the matches, and deal plenty of damage. If you’re down the buffer character route, a full five-stack Moonlit Clouds should help along with Impermanence Heron, which buffs the next character’s damage output.

However, if you’re looking to play support on him, you have to go for the Rejuvenating Glow complete set, which increases your healing and the ATK of your party characters. You can choose Bell-Borne Geochelone to boost your attack buffs further.

Echo set stats and substats

Yuanwu fighting his foes in Wuthering Waves.
Bring that Electricity in battles. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Echo set stats to flesh out your Resonator in Wuthering Waves and make them even more robust by buffing specific parts of their kit. Yuanwu’s priority is to deliver those powerful hits while letting his team shine on the frontline. So, here are the main stats that you go for while building him:

  • Four Cost: Crit damage/percent
  • Three Cost: Energy Regen + Electro damage
  • One Cost: Defense

Best Yuanwu Fortes

Yuanwu's Forte Ciruit in Wuthering Waves.
Power the right stats. Screenshot by Dot Esports

For Yuanwu’s Forte Skills, you can prioritize his Resonance Skill, followed by Resonance Liberation, Forte Circuit, Basic Attacks, and Intro Skill. Upgrading your Resonator in this order can maximize your buffs and damage in the fights.

Best Yuanwu Resonance Chains

Yuanwu's Resonance Chains in Wuthering Waves.
Enhanced Yuanwu’s strength. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Yuanwu’s wavebands should be easier to accumulate, mainly because he was a featured character in Yinlin’s banner using Astirites and a free character to unlock. But reaching four to five copies can make him significantly stronger with his enhanced defense, making it a solid support to aid your team.

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