Aurelion Sol to lose Q power in next LoL update, but Riot will ‘compensate’ him elsewhere

League of Legends Patch 14.14 could be mixing up the meta—and Aurelion Sol is next in line for changes.

The League mid laner has been a popular pick in season 14 following his rework. While Aurelion Sol’s win rate is nothing to write home about in Patch 14.13, he’s receiving big changes in the upcoming update. Riot Games is taking some power away from his Q but compensating him by buffing other abilities.

On July 10, Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison posted a list of changes for Patch 14.14. Most significantly, Aurelion Sol’s Q will have higher mana costs at different stages of the game. With the ability being his main tool in the laning phase, it’s a substantial hit to the champion’s early and mid-game. But he’s getting minor buffs in other areas of his kit.

Riot is improving the range of Aurelion Sol’s W, reducing the mana cost of his E, and slightly increasing the damage to his ultimate. However, the latter will have a 10 percent lower AP multiplier and deal slightly less damage on a fully charged The Skies Descend. While these changes probably aren’t enough to secure him a better win rate, they could work to balance the champion.

Aurelion Sol circling a mountain where a temple is located.
Aurelion Sol is the latest champion to get hit by the nerf hammer. Image via Riot Games

“[Aurelion Sol’s] adjustments this patch are aimed at reducing the impact of his tap Q and compensating with power elsewhere. We’ll be monitoring the impact of this and how it affects his MMR skew,” Phroxzon wrote. With that in mind, if the changes make the champion too powerful or weak, we’d expect another update to him in the following patch or possibly even in a hotfix.

Aurelion Sol is a decent pick in League‘s solo queue in the current patch. In Platinum and above ranks, he has a 50.16 percent win rate in the mid lane, placing him 29th from all the champions in the role, according to U.GG.

As far as pro play goes, he has been more popular in the last few months. In the MSI 2024 patch (14.08), he was one of the most-picked or banned mid laner. He recorded a 44.9 percent presence at MSI but wasn’t picked at all at the 2024 Esports World Cup last weekend.

Patch 14.14 is expected to hit the servers on Wednesday, July 17.

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