LoL 2024 patch schedule | Dates for all updates in the 2024 League season

The 2024 season arrived in League of Legends at the very beginning of January, introducing a bunch of gameplay changes. Riot Games also revealed the official patch schedule for the year.

Like every year, the 2024 season features a calendar with biweekly changes. These are targeted at both pro play and average players trying to climb the ranked ladder. Patches are a pivotal part of League since they keep the game fresh. Usually, Riot devs look at the strongest and weakest champions and items, but with over 165 champs and dozens of items, runes, and more, it can be a little tricky.

Riot is regularly changing how the game is played. The beginning of season 14 brought a number of changes to important systems, like deleting the mythic items system. Patch 14.10 in the middle of the year overhauled the items once again, while also reworking a few significant runes. As you can see, keeping up with the metagame and latest changes is important if you want to climb the ranked ladder.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2024 League patch schedule.

What is the current League patch?

Nasus powers up in a great blue circle in League of Legends
New skins and champion changes are added to the game every two weeks. Image via Riot Games

At the moment, players are enjoying League on Patch 14.13. It didn’t bring many substantial changes compared to the previous updates, though, it still updated a few areas of the game. It introduced tweaks to Dark Harvest, Electrocute, and Opportunity, while also changing a total of 17 champions.

This led to a few shifts in specific positions, with certain champions climbing to the top of the leaderboards, while others, especially those who were nerfed, dropping significantly. One thing that’s unchanged is the prowess of AP junglers, which forces mid laners to go for AD-based champions, most notably Tristana and Corki. This could change in the future, with Riot Games teasing it with Patch 14.14 preview.

League patch schedule for 2024

Patch Release Date Patch Notes
14.1 Wednesday, Jan. 10 14.1 release | 14.1 B-side
14.2 Wednesday, Jan. 24 14.2 release
14.3 Wednesday, Feb. 7 14.3 release
14.4 Thursday, Feb. 22 14.4 release
14.5 Wednesday, March 6 14.5 release
14.6 Wednesday, March 20 14.6 release
14.7 Wednesday, April 3 14.7 release
14.8 Wednesday, April 17 14.8 release
14.9 Wednesday, May 1 14.9 release
14.10 Wednesday, May 15 14.10 release | 14.10 B-side
14.11 Thursday, May 30 14.11 release
14.12 Wednesday, June 12 14.12 release
14.13 Wednesday, June 26 14.13 release
14.14 Wednesday, July 17
14.15 Wednesday, July 31
14.16 Wednesday, Aug. 14
14.17 Wednesday, Aug. 28
14.18 Wednesday, Sept. 11
14.19 Wednesday, Sept. 25
14.20 Wednesday, Oct. 9
14.21 Wednesday, Oct. 23
14.22 Wednesday, Nov. 6
14.23 Wednesday, Nov. 20
14.24 Wednesday, Dec. 11
Official patch schedule via Riot Games

How often does Riot release League patches?

League patches are released every two weeks on Wednesdays or Thursdays. There are some instances where there’s a three-week break, like between Patch 14.13 and Patch 14.14, but that’s very rare. Sometimes, however, patches fail to address issues, and the devs launch hotfixes to tweak them—usually a day or two after the original update. If these hotfixes go live, they mostly tune down or bring up overbuffed or overnerfed champions.

How to test upcoming League changes

Testing out forthcoming changes before they hit the live servers is a perfect way of preparing yourself for the official launch. This way, you can be three steps ahead of your opponents and excel in the new meta immediately after the update. To do that, you can set up a PBE account.

The PBE is a playtesting server where you can experience the upcoming tweaks firsthand before they are officially added to League. Luckily, setting up your own PBE account isn’t a big deal anymore.

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