Japanese writing system based on Chinese characters NYT Crossword clue hints and answers

I hope your multilingual skills are up to scratch as they need to be if you want to conquer the “Japanese writing system based on Chinese characters” clue in the July 10 NYT Mini Crossword.

The NYT Mini Crossword has thrown up another doozy of a puzzle to tackle. The “Japanese writing system based on Chinese characters” might be one of the standout clues here. Because it’s both fun and difficult, and I thankfully had this knowledge in the bank.

Japanese writing system based on Chinese characters Crossword clue hints & solution

july 10 nyt mini crossword clue japanese writing system
It’s a solid enough hint. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  • Hint 1: It almost sounds like the name of a Manchester City defender.
  • Hint 2: The writing system is comprised of letters formed with various vertical and horizontal lines.
  • Hint 3: The first three letters act as a homophone.
  • Hint 4: It begins with a “K.”

If you’ve still not got it, it’s time for me to reveal the answer.

The answer to the tricky clue is “KANJI” and I completely understand if you found this one hard. If you’ve ever watched anime, visited Japan, or seen Japanese writings in TV, film, or YouTube videos, chances are you’ve been exposed to Kanji—but not known its name. But yes, Kanji is the name of the writing system, and it’s one of the most eye-catching languages in the world.

All answers for the July 10 NYT Mini Crossword


  • 1A Website born from its C.E.O.’s “personal film diary” — IMDB
  • 5A Service symbolized by an envelope — EMAIL
  • 6A Japanese writing system based on Chinese characters — KANJI
  • 7A Some frozen waffles — EGGOS
  • 8A Ages and Ages — EONS


  • 1D P.R Concern — IMAGE
  • 2D Fruit that may be served with sticky rice — MANGO
  • 3D Spicy Mustard — DIJON
  • 4D Pure joy — BLISS
  • 5D ___ out a living (barely get by) — EKE

Japanese writing system based on Chinese characters crossword clue difficulty rating

If it wasn’t for the fact my fiancé studied Japanese for several years, I likely would’ve struggled with this too. Bless her though, she kept me apprised about her learnings throughout the years, and I had plenty of exposure to kanji and how it works—don’t ask me to read or write it though! In terms of difficulty, it’s central to most of the rest of the crossword, so I’ll land on a four out of five, but I considered going higher.

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