How to emote in Once Human

Expressing yourself in Once Human is a great way to interact with other players, so long as you know how to emote.

Sadly, the option to emote isn’t available from the get-go, and you need to perform specific actions to unlock the ability. Even when you unlock it, the process of emoting is a little tricky, so let’s take you through the steps to emote your enemies in style.

How to unlock and use emotes in Once Human

emote wheel be empty in once human
No emotion yet. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You don’t unlock the ability to use emotes in Once Human until you complete the main mission, The Eve of Evolution, and unlock the Cosmetics menu.

Once you complete the mission and the Cosmetics menu is accessible, you can open it from your Inventory screen by pressing I on the keyboard and, from there, open the Expressions tab. You’ll have an empty wheel to your right that you can click and drag any expression to perform the emotes in-game.

When playing the game, you can hold the X key to bring up your emote wheel and select which emote you want to use. The game performs that action when you release the X key, highlighting an emote.

Unlocking emotes is the hardest step because it’s a bit of a grind before you unlock the Expressions tab. But after unlocking it, everything else is a breeze. Don’t rush through the game, though, so you can wave back to players and take all the time you need to learn the basic mechanics and set up a decent base beforehand.

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