Is LoL down? How to check problems, outages, Riot server status

League of Legends has a gigantic player base, which makes it challenging to keep the LoL servers from going down. Despite Riots’ best efforts, the League servers will malfunction from time to time, disrupting the community. And while it very may well be problems on your end causing the game to crash, it can also be on Riots’ end. Let’s explore how you can determine if the League servers are down.

How to check League of Legends service status

Riot Games has a landing page for its server status website, which offers access to all five titles, including League. Select LoL, and then choose which region you want to check the status for. Once you have selected your region, you can see the region’s server status for the past 24 hours. The message “No recent issues or events to report” will appear if the servers work fine.

Additionally, if you believe Riot has not addressed an ongoing problem with the server, a page allows you to report any issues you may be experiencing.

How to use Downdetector to see if League of Legends is down

Downdetector is an excellent alternative to check if League servers are down. The website monitors server outages in real time and provides a comprehensive timeline of issues over the last 24 hours. If League is down, the site should light up with hundreds or thousands of reports in your region, whether that be North America, Europe, Korea, or anywhere else. If everything is normal and the site hasn’t detected any outages, the issue is likely on your end.

How to check Riot Games Support

There’s nothing wrong with checking Riot Support on X (formerly Twitter). If there’s a major issue in your region and the League servers are down, Riot will almost certainly tweet about it.

If there’s an issue, Riot will tweet something along the lines of: “We are aware some players are receiving an unexpected error when trying to access League, and we are working on a fix.” Unfortunately for us, that’s one tweet we’ve seen too often while we’re trying to play.

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