Some frozen waffles NYT Crossword clue hints and answers

You can’t beat a morning NYT Mini Crossword with breakfast, and to get you in the mood, “Some frozen waffles,” does its best to tingle the tastebuds.

The July 10 NYT Mini Crossword is here! I’m starving thinking about this, but one of the clues asks you to find an appropriate answer for “Some frozen waffles,” and breakfast aficionados are in for a treat.

Some frozen waffles Crossword solution in NYT

nyt mini crossword some frozen waffles clue grid
It’s a popular breakfast option. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  • Hint 1: It sounds like a popular toy company specializing in building creations.
  • Hint 2: Even though it’s a waffle, chickens are casting a watchful eye over its name.
  • Hint 3: It’s primarily an American-based breakfast.
  • Hint 4: It begins with an “E.”

Four clues later, and it’s time for me to stop waffling on and tell you the answer.

EGGOS” is the solution to seven across in the July 10 edition of the NYT Mini Crossword puzzle. The breakfast is a staple of many quick and easy morning meals where speed is the focus. As a non-US resident, this wasn’t a simple answer for me, nor will it be for many people around the world, but that’s what makes the food so special.

All answers for the July 10 NYT Mini Crossword



  • 1D P.R Concern — IMAGE
  • 2D Fruit that may be served with sticky rice — MANGO
  • 3D Spicy Mustard — DIJON
  • 4D Pure joy — BLISS
  • 5D ___ out a living (barely get by) — EKE

Some frozen waffles clue difficulty rating, explained

This is definitely a regional clue, and where you’re based has a huge bearing on how quickly you get this answer—if at all. For me, I categorically did not know this answer and only got it through a process of elimination solving other clues first. As a UK resident, this gets the full five-star rating in terms of difficulty, but if you’re based in America, I say a three is fair enough, but I would like Eggos to be readily available elsewhere too!

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