Black Ops 6 redefines CoD multiplayer with ‘omnimovement,’ new HUD, and more; full reveal in August

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is shaking up franchise, by bringing back the classic Prestige mode, allowing players to sprint or dive in any direction, and a customizable HUD.

BO6 will launch with 10 Prestige levels, each with its own icons, but a Prestige Master mode will unlock an additional 1,000 levels of progression once the first 10 Prestiges are cleared. And the full system is available on day one, no longer tied to seasonal content drops like in the past few games of the series.

Black Ops soldier points weapon
Black Ops 6 redefines CoD multiplayer with 'omnimovement,' new HUD, and more; full reveal in August 2

During the Prestiging, however, BO6 is shaking things up with a new movement mechanic called “omnimovement.” This new movement system allows players to slide, sprint, or dive in any direction at once.

“During development, Treyarch asked “What if you could sprint in any direction?’” Activision said. “If you can sprint in any direction, then it logically follows that you can slide and dive in any direction, too. This opened a world of new movement options. With a simple – and extremely engaging – prototype up and running, the team instantly knew this was much more than a modest improvement to the way you maneuver your Operator in combat.”

On top of that, the HUD is changing in multiplayer, allowing customization including placement of the radar, killfeed, and more to allow players to fully shape their own multiplayer experience.

Taking place in 1991, Activision says to expect “an incredible lineup of weapons,” including “some familiar arms, with a real emphasis on the gritty world of clandestine operations in the 1990s.”

“The team took a “tool for every job” approach, with a wide variety of weapons and gear. As the characters who employ this armory usually operate outside of the normal playbook and procure gear by any means necessary, the weapons team leaned into this plan, resulting in an amalgamation of armaments from the military as well as armaments more extemporaneous in nature.”

BO6’s multiplayer will get a full reveal at this year’s Call of Duty Next, scheduled to take place on Aug. 28.

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