Xbox unveils all-digital console set for release this year

During the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, Xbox president Sarah Bond unveiled a new addition to the Xbox hardware lineup: an all-digital Xbox Series X. 

This new console variant, which features a white design, is identical to the existing Xbox Series X, except it has no disc drive, making it all-digital. Bond also mentioned that Microsoft is “hard at work” on the next generation of Xbox consoles, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation and expansion in gaming hardware despite the layoffs it suffered earlier this year.

Xbox X|Snew versions
During the Showcase, three new versions of the console were revealed. Image via Xbox

In addition to the all-digital Xbox Series X, Microsoft introduced a new 2TB Galaxy Black version of the original Xbox Series X and a 1TB Xbox Series S in white. These new models will offer gamers more choices in terms of both cosmetics and storage capacity.

While no further details were shared, Bond’s presentation suggested that more color options for the existing Xbox Series X and S consoles are in development, indicating greater customization and flexibility for Xbox users is on the way. The all-digital Xbox Series X, along with the new storage variants, is set to be released in “select markets these holidays,” said Bond before closing the showcase. 

As the holiday period approaches, more information about these new products is expected to come to light.

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