Blizzard has already made a crucial change to WoW Plunderstorm

World of Warcraft Plunderstorm released on March 19, and just a day later, Blizzard shipped the first hotfix that will drastically improve reputation gains with the Keg Leg’s Crew faction.

Blizzard said in a Blue Post that the following changes have made it live in all regions:

  • Plunder dropped by other players significantly increased.
  • Plunder from non-player enemies increased by 50 percent.
  • Plunder from golden chests doubled.
  • Top placement in a match now rewards 500 Plunder (was 100).

It seems Plunder gains were the biggest issues players had with Plunderstorm. The devs wholeheartedly agree rewards should be earned at a faster pace. 

Plunder is the most important currency in Plunderstorm because it dictates how much reputation you gain with the Keg Leg’s Crew faction. You get Plunder by defeating enemy mobs and players, winning matches, and looting chests. You can’t lose your Plunder, not even when you die. But you’ll be worth more Plunder to your enemies. The reputation gains are entirely up to you and how much progress you make throughout your matches. In total, there are 40 levels of Renown, and the only way to progress it is by getting Plunder. 

Opening a chest in WoW Plunderstorm
You get Plunder by looting chests and defeating enemies. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

This is a step in the right direction to polish Plunderstorm, but some WoW players think this game mode could benefit from tuning changes. Currently, the strongest ability is Fire Whirl, and you can simply steamroll over your enemies if you have it. If you don’t find it, you’ll struggle to duel with players who do, and there’s a high chance you’ll end up on the losing side. 

Plunderstorm is a limited-time mode, so make sure to grab all rewards before it comes to an end after six weeks.

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