Bungie bans toxic Destiny 2 players for misbehaving during dev livestream

During the Destiny 2 Into the Light developer livestream on March 19, Bungie was faced with egregious toxicity from several players. Luckily for the rest of the community, justice has been served in the best way possible.

On March 20, the official Destiny2Team Reddit account shared that the developers tracked down accounts of “several individuals who sent the harmful notifications” and have banned them from Destiny 2. The dev added they will take “extra measures” to ensure this doesn’t happen again during the next Into the Light livestream.

Promotional art for the Into the Light update showing the Last City under siege, with three guardians defending it.
Who’s laughing now? Image via Bungie

During the Into the Light dev live stream on March 19, several Destiny 2 players sent toxic messages and friend requests to the developer playing on stage after he accidentally revealed his Steam ID. Many of those messages displayed harsh language and racism. The Destiny2Team account responded that it was disappointing to see those friend requests, but the devs know they were from a “few awful individuals and not reflective of the community at large.”

Associate activity designer Noah, who was showcasing the new content during the livestream, added that he didn’t initially see the friend requests during the stream. But even after seeing them, he said he wanted to be up on the stage and talk to the community, and he “wasn’t gonna just not do it because of some trolls.”

The community called out the toxic individuals on Reddit, saying that while the current state of Destiny 2 isn’t ideal, the development team doesn’t deserve all the harassment and toxicity. At the same time, many praised Noah for being so excited and passionate about Destiny 2. “He’s what’s been missing lately,” one player wrote on Reddit.

During the livestream, Bungie revealed a few things coming to Destiny 2 in the Into the Light update, including a highly requested horde mode called Onslaught. More details about Into the Light will be shared in the next developer livestream on March 26 at 12pm CT.

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