Blizzard to host $50K WoW Plunderstorm tournament featuring 30 creator duos

Blizzard isn’t wasting any time when it comes to promoting their new World of Warcraft battle royale mode, as the company has announced a massive Plunderstorm tournament featuring dozens of creators and a $50k prize pool.

The Plunderstorm Creator Royale will feature 30 creator duos, with big names like Asmongold, Disguised Toast, Masayoshi, Maximum, and Shiphtur included in the mix. These duos will compete for the lion’s share of $50,000 in an event that’s formatted very similarly to another big creator completion from Activision Blizzard, the World Series of Warzone.

A list of creator names participating in the Creator Royale tournament.
Full list of teams competing at the Plunderstorm Creator Royale. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

On March 30, all 30 teams will compete in five matches of Plunderstorm, earning points based on their final placement and number of eliminations in each match. Starting with match six, teams at the top of the points leaderboard will have an opportunity to win the event if they can finish first place in the next match. If no team accomplishes this feat by the eighth match, then one final decisive free-for-all match will determine the event winner.

Competitors will compete and stream from Blizzard HQ during the event. Viewers can either follow the event by watching their favorite streamer, or they can catch the official stream on both the Warcraft Twitch and YouTube channels.

Plunderstorm, despite only being out for a few days during its current limited time run, has been a divisive talking point among World of Warcraft players. One portion of the community seems to enjoy the mode, with some claiming it should be added to the free-to-play version of the game in order to attract new players. Other players though don’t see the value in the mode, and claim Blizzard and WoW are just trying to copy other popular games rather than genuinely improve the game itself.

Regardless, the quick launch of a competitive event featuring big creators is a sign Blizzard could be considering Plunderstorm as a permanent addition to the game. Now they just need to nerf Fire Whirl.

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