CS2 players desperately want Valve to bring back one iconic map

Cobblestone was one of the most popular maps in the old days of CS:GO and a longtime staple of the Active Duty pool. After years of missing in action, players are wondering if Valve will finally bring it back for their current flagship, CS2.

Marking the fifth anniversary since the map’s Cobblestone was removed from CS:GO in favor of a reworked Dust 2, players discussed the map’s return to CS2 in a March 20 Reddit thread. One user noted feeling nostalgic for the map despite its many flaws (the map was redesigned a couple of times in an attempt to make it more competitively viable) and said they hope it is reworked and comes back eventually. “Five years already? Damn, I miss that map,” another user said.

Bomb stie B on Cobblestone in CS:GO
Cobblestone is one of the most iconic maps in CS:GO, and it’s a damn shame it’s been gone for so long. Image via Valve

Another player replying said how CS2‘s map pool as a whole needs to be much bigger. “We’re missing out on bangers like Cobblestone, Cache, Train or Dust 2,” they wrote and said how Inferno remains in the pool despite usually proving to be the least played map in CS2 tournaments. The map pool currently includes seven maps, two of which are relatively new—Anubis and Ancient. Cache is likely on the way as FMPONE announced they are working on an updated version of the map, and many fans speculate that Valve is currently looking to bring back Train into the mix with a fresh coat of paint.

Perhaps when all is said and done and the old CS:GO Active Duty maps are restored, Valve will move on to work on a revival of some of the others, such as Cobblestone. And while we’re at it, maybe some more forgotten gems, too, like Austria.

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