Helldivers 2 players rebuke toxicity against Democracy as game performance issues continue

Helldivers 2 has recently been facing some severe performance issues marked by constant crashes. However, in true Democratic fashion, players are not backing down in the face of adversity and are advising against treacherous commentary on the developer’s attempts at fixing the game.

“The devs aren’t Automatons,” one Helldiver said in a March 21 Reddit thread and stood in stark defense of the Arrowhead Game Studio. They expressed understanding for players who spent $40 on the game and are now facing performance issues, but noted it doesn’t give them the right to pressure the developers for every little problem. “Keep in mind that human beings need rest to work on the game,” the Reddit user wrote and praised Arrowhead for being “the best dev team in ages.”

A Hell Diver fires a laser cannon in Helldivers 2.
Remember: it is Democratic to fire lasers at Traitors and bug-lovers. Image via Arrowhead Studios

Another enjoyer of the right to vote and the freedoms of Managed Democracy noted how the original poster’s thread suggests robots are better at resolving issues than humans. “A Democracy Officer will be with you shortly,” they said. And while OP gets reeducated on the advantages of liberty, other players replying to the thread seem to think the developers deserve the criticisms. The consensus is that the game’s core functionality—actually running—is not there for many due to constant crashes since the last update. Thus, critiques are “part of the process,” as one user puts it.

Toxicity in Helldivers 2 has been somewhat of an issue since the game first gained massive traction. From players hammering the developers to developers trolling a little too hard, it’s undoubtedly been a wild ride. Even so, the small team at Arrowhead seems to be doing all it can. The networking issues from the launch have been largely ironed out, and it’s only a matter of time before this latest hiccup is overcome. All we, the people, have to do is to maintain our Patriotic spirit.

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