Blumhouse Games finally shows what it’s been cooking at SGF—and it’s a lot

Blumhouse Games has revealed its spine-chilling new project at Summer Games Fest. Only it isn’t just one project cooking; it’s a whole load of them.

Blumhouse is primarily known as the movie studio behind modern horror blockbusters like The Conjuring, Insidious, and Sinister. In 2023, however, the studio branched out into games, and on June 7 revealed a whopping six titles.

blumhouse games sleep awake
Screenshot via Blumhouse Games

The Summer Games Fest reveal packed announcements for all six games into one trailer. The names of the six games are Crisol: Theater of the Idols, Grave Seasons, Sleep Awake, Fear the Spotlight, The Simulation, and Project C.

Every game gets brief clips showcasing unique art styles and horrifying concepts, except Project C. What makes Project C stand out is the detail that it’s coming “from the mind of Brandon Cronenberg.” Brandon Cronenberg is the son of famed horror-directing film icon David Cronenberg, and Brandon has established a name for himself in the genre with recent films like Infinity Pool and Possessor.

It’s difficult to parse gameplay details from the announcement. Crisol seems like a survival horror with shooting mechanics and an uncomfortable number of puppets, while Grave Seasons is a bizarre cross between a farming sim and a 2D pixelated horror. Hopefully, Blumhouse releases more in-depth information about each soon.

In an era that sees development time for most major releases taking longer than ever, it’s refreshing to see Blumhouse throwing so much at the wall with these games. Horror in gaming often works best at a smaller indie scale, exemplified by viral hits like Five Nights at Freddy’s and SCP – Containment Breach. There seems to be a lot of promise in the early footage of these new Blumhouse games too.

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