#BoycottEA trends on X after EA FC 24 ad controversy

EA has been facing heightened criticism over the weekend following suggestions that the developer wants to introduce advertisements inside games like EA FC 24.

Comments from CEO Andrew Wilson saw an admission that EA is working on inserting more “dynamic” ads into AAA titles, which came ahead of a weekend where EA FC 24 players encountered numerous issues.

Vinicius JR. winds up for a shot with defenders in front of him in EA FC 24
Backlash. Image via EA

Those lucky enough to complete their Champions matches on Friday encountered incredible pack luck in their rewards, with Paris Saint-Germain duo Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele seemingly guaranteed, which EA called “unintended results.”

Readers on X (formerly Twitter) immediately added context to the post, suggesting that “EA lowered their chance because it will force players to open packs with real currency,” which marked the start of a flood of criticism.

Several EA FC 24 content creators spoke out against EA, following other issues that saw an Icon Pick SBC bugged and incorrectly providing the wrong reward, and issues with Evolution items that saw them hit the max of 99-rated.

On Monday (May 13), #BoycottEA began to trend on X in numerous locations, including the United Kingdom, as players rallied together and called upon others to play different titles and stop purchasing in-game items.

The controversy surrounding packs in EA FC 24 is nothing new and stems all the way back to the origins of Ultimate Team, which saw some countries banning the content as it was defined as a form of gambling.

While EA FC 24 has once again been a bestseller for EA, the flood of criticism hasn’t come at a good time for the developer, as it’s gearing up to reveal the next title, EA FC 25, in the coming months.

Given the track record of the franchise, however, it seems unlikely that any major changes will occur, particularly regarding in-game purchases.

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