‘Bro, where are the Larvestas?:’ Pokémon Go players slam latest egg gamble event

Pokémon Go’s current event is about hatching eggs to find rare Pokémon, including Shiny Larvesta, which is the main highlight of this event.

As you might expect, having an event around RNG for a chance of getting something that has a slight chance of appearing isn’t sitting well with trainers in the community, with Larvesta alone being hard to find in every egg that hatches.

As one trainer put it in a recent Reddit thread, “I’m 60 eggs hatched and not a single Larvesta,” which isn’t a great look or feeling for those hoping for a slim chance of a shiny one popping up, let alone Larvesta in it’s base form.

There’s no other way to get Larvesta either, with the field research and timed research tasks all giving you either Litleo, Slugma, or Turtonator. So even if you just want a Larvesta to help complete the dex, you’ll need to keep hatching eggs repeatedly and pray you get lucky.

If you are a free player with just one incubator, you’ll be walking hundreds of kilometers at a time to see what you finally get. Considering the event is four days long, running from June 21 to 25, there isn’t much time to rely on just one incubator unless you are lucky.

Reddit has some solid advice, if you are considering paying for extra incubators. “All egg events are a gamble. There’s no point in buying a bunch of incubators,” Timelymanner said. “Just passive hatch the few eggs with what you have, and go on with your life. Everything comes back again in the future.”

They aren’t wrong, either, with plenty of egg-exclusive shiny Pokémon like Noibat eventually releasing either in a Pokémon Go Fest as a wild spawn or a community day, so if you don’t mind waiting for less RNG, just give it a few months or years, and it might show up again.

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