Bungie says it’s solved most ‘critical issues’ plaguing Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s launch day

The pomp and circumstance behind Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s launch was slowed by a number of error codes and server issues yesterday, but Bungie says it’s fixed a lot of them for day two of the DLC.

The developer says it “solved several critical issues causing poor stability and heavily reduced the amount of ‘kick to orbit errors’” as evidenced by the image below which Bungie posted on Twitter/X on June 5, the day after The Final Shape’s launch.

A server error and stability chart showing a drastic reduction in issues.
It was frequent, and then it wasn’t. Image via Bungie

“We are closely monitoring the player population and will be increasing server capacity throughout the day to ensure the game remains in a stable state,” Bungie said. “As the population increases, players may hit a queue, but our goal is to get everyone in as swiftly as possible.”

Players trying to log on at launch yesterday were met with a server queue, along with several error codes, as well as multiple instances of being kicked to orbit from activities like The Final Shape‘s campaign missions on the day of the hotly-anticipated DLC’s launch. The Final Shape is the culmination of Destiny‘s “Light and Darkness Saga” storyline, which began with the original game’s vanilla campaign way back in 2014. But many weren’t able to experience it in full thanks to the server problems.

As Bungie said, the servers do seem a bit more stable now than they were last night. But still, issues could arise at any time thanks in large part to a massive amount of players attempting to log in and play.

Destiny 2 reached over 300,000 concurrent players on Steam last night but was stopped well short of its all-time peak of over 523,000, set last year during the Lightfall DLC launch.

Players continuing their journeys today will be looking to level up and reach their max power before the launch of the highly anticipated Salvation’s Edge raid this Friday.

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