Pokémon Go’s Scorching Steps event adds Shiny Larvesta, more chances to catch Charcadet

Pokémon Go’s Shared Skies season is underway and more events are coming. To close out the month, players can look forward to encountering Shiny Larvesta for the first time when hatching eggs during the Scorching Steps event.

Although the method to catch Larvesta remains the same in that it only appears inside eggs, the egg hatch distance requirements will be cut in half during this event. The first three eggs players hatch at the start of the Scorching Steps event have their requirements cut down to one-fourth, making these the best opportunities to hatch 10-kilometer or 12-kilometer eggs. For those focusing on Larvesta and Charcadet, who are making another appearance, prioritizing 10-kilometer eggs could be the best idea in Pokémon Go.

Charcadet in Pokemon Go
Charcadet returns as a potential egg reward to Pokémon Go. Image via The Pokémon Company

Scorching Steps begins on June 21 at 10am in your local time zone and ends on June 25 at 8pm local time. This period gives you an entire weekend to try and hatch as many eggs as possible with the decreased egg hatch requirements and plenty of rewards. There’s a good chance players might hatch a Shiny Larvesta, too, and this Pokémon form should be available moving forward in Pokémon Go but at decreased odds.

In addition to Larvesta and Charcadet appearing in this event, Pokémon Go players can also look forward to getting Turtonator, Litwick, Litleo, Darumaka, Hisuian Growlithe, Magby, Houndour, and Slugma. Unfortunately for trainers, though, Charcadet and Larvesta only have a chance to appear in these eggs. They won’t appear as Field Research rewards or wild encounters. A Timed Research will be featured for the Scorching Steps event, but Niantic has not shared whether it’s a paid one yet.

The increased egg hatches and Timed Research are the primary focuses for the Scorching Steps event. It looks like a brief event, which many Pokémon Go players might prefer.

As we continue into the summer season and draw closer to Pokémon Go Fest, we can expect more events gearing fans up for the big rewards. There are a handful of in-person live Go Fest events planned, including the global one from July 13 to 14.

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