Can you change servers in Once Human?

There are multiple servers to pick from when you begin playing Once Human, and you want to enjoy the experience at the beginning. It’s challenging to tell if a server is good for you, and you might want to make sure you can change servers later.

For those planning to join their friends in a co-op multiplayer game of Once Human, knowing the best server to join is a key piece of information. You might want to swap out if your friends want to play somewhere else or if someone joins late and everyone wants to shift to a different server. Changing servers might seem easy, but there’s a catch about it for Once Human.

How to change servers in Once Human

A screenshot of a Once Human player looking up at a cathedral.
Changing servers comes with consequences if you’ve already been playing Once Human. Screenshot by Dot Esports

We can confirm that you can change servers if you want to swap to another location. Unfortunately, you cannot swap a preexisting character in Once Human if you want to change servers.

Instead, you can only delete the character you have on your account, choose another server, and create one over there. For many Once Human players, this is not the best approach to this system, but the development team is already working on it.

The team behind Once Human has acknowledged that more character slots are on the way due to technical difficulties at launch for early game access. All accounts will have access to multiple character slots sometime in August 2024. We don’t have an exact date yet, only a release window. Access to multiple characters means you can create characters on different servers without deleting them.

However, you still have to start from scratch whenever you create a new character. Although you can change servers, you cannot bring a character with you. A new character must be made when you start somewhere else, which is a disadvantage to you and means you’ll be replaying a lot of content from Once Human you’ve already gone through. It might be better with friends, though.

For those who would rather wait to swap servers until Once Human has multiple character slots, wait things out until August 2024. Hopefully, the development team will have more news about these details. For now, whenever you want to change servers, delete your current character, join a new server, and make a new one.

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