How to get Twitch Drops for Once Human

With the official launch of Once Human, you have a limited time to gather up a handful of Twitch Drops and earn rewards you can redeem in-game. These Twitch Drops won’t be available for long, and you want to grab them all before they disappear.

Twitch Drops won’t work for every streamer you watch, even if they’re playing Once Human. There are a few ways to make sure you watch the correct ones, and you want to make sure that you grab the items you earn after watching them for a set amount of time. How you can get your Twitch Rewards, link your account, and redeem them in Once Human might not always be clear.

How to link Twitch Account in Once Human for Twitch Drop rewards

All Once Human Twitch Rewards
These are the five Twitch Drop rewards you can earn for your Once Human character. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Before watching any of the Once Human streamers, head to the official website and link your Twitch account. You do need to make sure you have an already created Twitch account.

You’ll then need to sign in using your Google, Facebook, or Twitter information, linking your Once Human account. After this, you’ll be asked to select your user ID and the server you’re playing on. Once you’ve done this, you can connect your Twitch account to your Once Human account, and all rewards you earn go to this character. Make sure to double-check you’ve selected the correct server and that it’s where you want to play with your friends.

For those who want to check out the streamers reading drops to watch them play Once Human, head to the official Once Human Twitch page to see the choices. From here, ensure you’re watching the ones that say “drops enabled” as one of their available tags underneath the video. If they do not have this tag, you won’t earn time toward unlocking your Twitch Drops, no matter how long you watch them play the game.

You can earn these rewards in Once Human from the various Twitch Drops and the amount of time you need to watch to unlock them on your account.

Twitch Drop Reward Watch Time Requirement
Weapon Charm Thumb Up One hour
Autumn Splendor Shoes Two hours
Mayfly Cap Four hours
Autumn Splendor Bottoms Six hours
Autumn Splendor Tops Eight hours

The Once Human Twitch Drop program goes from July 9 to Aug. 5. After the Twitch Drops have been turned off, you won’t be able to watch any Twitch streamers and earn these rewards. Ensure you act fast to get them all and add them to your Once Human account.

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