Monopoly GO Ice Cream Partners event, explained

The next Monopoly GO Partners event has been confirmed with Ice Cream Partners starting on July 10.

Free dice and a new Token are the main grand prize rewards, much like the Aqua Partners event. From release times to milestone rewards, here’s everything you need to know about the Monopoly GO Ice Cream Partners event.

What are the Monopoly GO Ice Cream Partners rewards and milestones?

No Wild Sticker was included in the Monopoly GO Ice Cream Partners event, but I expect the next Partners event to have it as a grand prize reward. The total dice you can earn by completing all five milestones with all four of your partner friends is up to 6,400. Add in the 5,000 free dice rolls from the grand prize and it’s possible to collect as much as 11,400 dice from the Ice Cream Partners event.

Ice Cream Partners milestones Points to unlock milestones Ice Cream Partners rewards
One 2,500 200 Dice rolls
Two 6,000 Cash
Three 13,000 Red Vault containing 200 to 300 Dice rolls and cash
Four 26,500 Yellow Vault containing 300 to 500 Dice rolls, a High Roller flash event, and a Pink Sticker pack
Five 32,000 Grand prize vault containing 400 to 600 Dice rolls, Cash boost flash event, cash, and a Blue Sticker pack
Grand Prize Complete milestone five with all your Partners 5,000 Dice rolls, a Purple sticker pack, and an Ice Cream Truck game piece Token

When will the Monopoly GO Ice Cream Partners event go live?

The confirmed date for the Monopoly GO Ice Cream Partners event is July 10, with an estimated starting time of 9am CT. We’ll update the time once we have confirmation.

The start times of Monopoly GO events have varied over the past months, but based on recent data, it’s likely the Partners event will run for at least five days, ending on July 15. Despite the addition of the Tycoon Racers event last month, Scopely has stuck to the original schedule of dropping at least one Partners event per month.

Is Monopoly GO Ice Cream Partners event worth playing?

Yes, the Partners event is worth playing if you enjoy Monopoly GO. Next to the Treasure Hunt main event, I enjoy playing the Partners event with friends and family. Completing the event is fun but not always reasonable, which is why I recommend setting a realistic milestone reward goal for Ice Cream Partners.

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