Can you play Once Human on Steam Deck?

Once Human has quickly become one of the most anticipated titles on Steam. With not long until full release, questions are being asked about Steam Deck compatibility—and we’ve found the answer.

Many users had their first Once Human experience via its Steam Next Fest demo. Now that the game is released, players have been attempting to access the title away from their desktop using a Steam Deck, though results have been disappointing.

If you want to know whether you can play Once Human on Steam Deck, we’ve done some digging and can provide everything you need.

Is Once Human playable on Steam Deck?

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At the time of writing, Once Human is not playable on Steam Deck. This information comes directly from the developers in a post-launch blog post.

The development team has stated that due to ongoing technical adjustments, Once Human does not support controllers and Steam Deck at launch. However, they are actively working on changes to bring controller support as soon as possible.

When will Once Human come to Steam Deck?

According to the developers’ blog post, players can expect Once Human to make its Steam Deck debut by August.

In the meantime, attempts to side-load or unofficially play the game on Steam Deck have been unsuccessful. On Reddit, several players have made posts discussing whether it’s possible to play Once Human on Steam Deck, and it’s pretty clear the answer is no. While some players have been able to install the game on their devices, it crashes out.

Some players have been able to get as far as attempting to join a server, but a crash then occurs, returning them to the Steam Library, while others have not been able to get the game to launch successfully.

Until Once Human releases on Steam Deck, you can play the game on its supported platforms, or GeForce Now. To maximize your in-game rewards in the process, keep an eye on Once Human codes since you can unlock various resources and skins.

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