How to solve the Sunbury Middle School passcode in Once Human

There are multiple side quests and activities for you to complete throughout Once Human. These are minor events alongside the larger story, but they provide you with powerful weapons, currencies, and resources. And one mystery is the passcode at Sunbury Middle School.

You can discover the Sunbury Middle School in the second region of Once Human. You want to be much stronger from where you initially started in Once Human before making your way over here, but if you have suitable gear and enough friends, dispatching the enemies in this area shouldn’t take too long. Solving the passcode, however, is a little tricky, but we can help make it easier for you and your group.

How to complete A Gift Overdue in Once Human

All digit locations in Once Human
The three digit codes are hidden somewhere at Sunbury Middle School. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The quest begins by going to Sunbury Middle School, on the southern part of the map in the Broken Delta region of Once Human. You get access to this area after completing the Monolith of Greed. When you get here, reach coordinates 5248, -7019, on the second story of the Sunbury Middle School. You should see a side quest marker at the center of a pile of glowing papers. Examine the papers to begin the quest, which provides you with the first digit for the code, a five, and informs you that you need to track down the other three.

Three riddles of A Gift Overdue in Once Human
There are three hints breaking down where you can find the next digits. Screenshot by Dot Esports

These are the locations of the next three digits you need to track down at Sunbury Middle School, and what digits you get from each clue.

  • BN Mart – 8
  • Pool Hall – 9
  • Lecture Hall – 7

After you visit all three locations, the code should appear on the top right of your screen. When I played, it was 5897, but this might vary for you based on what the riddle reveals to you at each note. You should now have a waypoint of where you need to go to input the finished code, and you can receive your reward for completing this side quest in Once Human.

You can complete this by yourself or with friends. You’ll want to make sure you’re all on the same server, though, or change to the same one before you get too far in the game.

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