Cassette Beasts multiplayer update gives fans something Pokémon players can only dream of

Pokémon players will be looking at Cassette Beasts in envy after the drop of the free multiplayer update on May 20.

The 2023 creature-catching hit received rave reviews when it first dropped, and a major content update for Cassette Beasts means it’s the perfect time to play the game again.

A battle in Cassette Beasts.
Fight your friends. Image via Bytten Studio

A long-awaited update has added multiplayer functionality to Cassette Beasts, with the ability to party up in a group of up to eight players, all visible as you travel, battle, trade, and team up for raid battles.

Two features, in particular, will leave Pokémon fans jealous, the first of which is the eight-player groups—double the size of the parties you can create in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Custom battles are a big one, though, with Pokémon not having anything similar for fans when they go face-to-face against other players. Instead, you’re limited to mutually agreeing on something with whoever you are battling if you want to tweak the rules.

Given Cassette Beasts is available as part of a Game Pass subscription on both Xbox Series X|S and PC, it’s safe to assume the major update will attract new players, and the game is also available on Steam.

Cassette Beasts multiplayer update also added crossplay functionality to the title, allowing you to squad up with friends on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch—and the developer has teased plenty of exciting updates on the horizon.

On the official website, “exciting announcements” and “new contact updates you won’t want to miss” were hinted at in 2024. But there’s no indication of what this content is or when players can expect to jump into the action.

But Additional DLC is a possibility following the release of Pier of the Unknown in October.

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