Chaotic horror title Midnight Ghost Hunt creeps into final launch after 2 years of early access

Following a long-running early access phase, the spirit-chasing prop hunt game Midnight Ghost Hunt was officially launched today, March 21.

Midnight Ghost Hunt promises a ghostly frenzy with 10 creepy maps, mystical weapons and abilities, and more. Horror fans can expect a unique experience where they get to team up with three players as the Ghost Hunters or the Ghosts and challenge a team of four in online player-vs-player modes.

Chaotic horror title Midnight Ghost Hunt creeps into final launch
Ready for the ultimate fight? Image via Coffee Stain

As Ghosts, players will have otherworldly powers to conceal themselves behind furniture and attack hunters from behind using “telekinetic bombardment.” Basically, you get to throw furniture and other environmental elements at your enemies using telekinetic powers. As Ghost Hunters, players will have access to a range of “ghoul-busting tech,” crafted to help banish Ghosts to a different realm. But the fun doesn’t end there. 

When the clock strikes midnight, the roles reverse. Ghosts gain supercharged powers after the “witching hour” begins, while the Hunters become the hunted.

Midnight Ghost Hunt was polished over the past couple of years while it was in early access, with the devs focused on absorbing community feedback to fix and improve its quirks. It had already garnered very positive reviews from the Steam community before its official release.  

“Early access has been a real adventure, and we’re so thankful to our community for all the feedback that’s helped get Midnight Ghost Hunt to where it is now,” said Sam Malone, game director and lead developer at Vaulted Sky Games, in a press release. “We added new maps, new features, and new content that we might not have thought about were it not for our early access players, and we are so proud of where Midnight Ghost Hunt is today. We’re super excited to share 1.0 with everyone.”

If you don’t have the game yet, now is the perfect time to get it, with Steam offering it for free for a limited time during its free weekend. You can also take advantage of the 66 percent launch discount offer on its base price of $19.99. 

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