How to get Demon Blood in Dark and Darker

Obtaining loot is the primary reason for playing Dark and Darker. Getting the rarest stuff gives you all the bragging rights in the world, so here is how to obtain one of the rarest Dark and Darker crafting materials: Demon Blood.

How to find Demon Blood in Dark and Darker

Players are trying to take down Demon Berserker in Dark and Darker.
Demons are your primary source of Demon Blood, aside from other players. Image via IRONMACE

Demon Blood is an Epic-quality crafting item that can be obtained by killing a particular set of enemies. These are, as the name implies, the Demon variants of the game’s many enemies. According to the Dark and Darker wiki, there is a flat two percent chance that a Demon Centaur, Demon Bat, Demon Berserker, or Demon Dog will drop Demon Blood. These are some of the toughest enemies in the game, found on the Inferno map, so prepare accordingly before venturing out to challenge them to a battle.

How to use Demon Blood in Dark and Darker

Overview of the Rogue class in Dark and Darker.
Rogues can utilize Demon’s Glee quite effectively. Screenshot by Dot Esports

One of the primary reasons to go and search for Demon Blood is to craft the fantastic Demon’s Glee. This Epic-quality item equipped by Rogues, Bards, and Rangers has high damage, incredibly fast attacks, and gives you additional Magic Damage with each hit. It can also roll up to four additional enchantments, usually boosting your overall attributes and raw damage output. Demon’s Glee is among the rarest weapons in the game and is infrequently seen in matches, so if you get your hands on one through looting in Dark and Darker, you stand to profit well.

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