CoD: Black Ops 6 teasers appear online less than 24 hours after XDefiant’s release

It’s been less than a day since the release of Ubisoft’s latest first-person shooter XDefiant, but it looks like Call of Duty won’t allow itself to be overshadowed for one moment—a new teaser for the franchise’s next installment, Black Ops 6, has surfaced.

A new website has popped up titled “” featuring a single television on screen, playing a looping video about a mysterious group that travels to Mount Rushmore in the middle of the night. After some vigorous climbing, the people in the video can be seen placing down tarps of some kind on the surface of the faces, before jumping into a car and making their getaway.

In the morning, law enforcement can be seen surrounding the area, along with some security forces from an unknown group with an orange logo of a three-headed wolf or dog. Finally, a shot of Mount Rushmore is shown, with all four presidents’ eyes covered with a tarp. The words “The Truth Lies” are spray painted on the front.

The television can be interacted with in certain ways, such as clicking the volume buttons, pausing the video, or turning the television off completely. There are also other channels you can switch to, but there are only six of them available at the time—which has also prompted fans to believe this is definitely a teaser for Black Ops 6.

There have been other hints towards the next addition to the popular Call of Duty saga, including the addition of a new pistol to Modern Warfare 3 named Sally. The pistol has six notches etched into the side of its barrel, causing people to speculate around their possible meaning.

People are convinced this will lead to more cryptic videos posted on this website in the near future. Each channel has its own dedicated page, so there could be more teasers posted soon.

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