Scump shows why one XDefiant ultra ability is absurdly more powerful than the rest

Scump is considered one of the best of all time on the sticks, so it should come as no surprise to see him thrive in CoD competitor XDefiant already. But with an ability like the Echelon faction ultimate at his disposal, it’s just unfair.

Like many current and former Call of Duty players, Scump jumped on the new Ubisoft first-person shooter XDefiant following its launch yesterday, and it didn’t take long for the king to expand his domain. The former world champion certainly doesn’t need an additional advantage, especially in casual lobbies with no skill-based matchmaking, but that didn’t stop him from wreaking havoc with arguably the most powerful faction ultra ability.

The Echelon faction ultra ability, Sonar Goggles, reveals enemy outlines but also equips the player with iconic Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher’s 5.7 silenced pistol. Not only is this pistol synonymous with one of the greatest fictional spies, but it’s lethal in the hands of one of the greatest Call of Duty players, who downed six enemy players in a matter of seconds with single shots.

From a damage-dealing perspective, the Sonar Goggles ultra is easily the most powerful ability, with the Cleaners’ Purifier flamethrower right behind it. Its only downside is that it takes a long time to charge and activate, even compared to other ultra abilities. But when you’re racking up kills the way Scump is, using the Echelon invisibility action to pull off devastating flanks, you can activate Sonar Goggles two or even three times in a single map.

While you probably won’t be able to replicate Scump’s highlights, you can at least copy his controller and graphics settings for XDefiant.

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