CoD devs confirm Rebirth Island will return to Warzone in season 3

The Call of Duty community already had a sneaking suspicion, but the Warzone devs finally cleared the air and officially confirmed that Rebirth Island is making its triumphant return soon.

Activision confirmed today that Rebirth Island will be reintroduced in CoD: MW3 season three, and community members can get a first look at the iconic map in a trailer dropping on March 26 at 10am CT. We expect a start date to be revealed later this week, but based on the current battle pass, season three will most likely begin on April 3, 2024.

The Docks POI in Warzone's Rebirth Island map
Community members love Rebirth Island. Image via Activision

Warzone first introduced the Alcatraz-inspired remake in 2020, but the map was removed in November 2022 when Warzone 2 launched. Community members have been begging the devs to bring back Rebirth Island ever since, and they got their wish—but not how they envisioned. Warzone Mobile launched on March 21 with Rebirth Island as one of its primary battle royale maps. Console and PC players would have preferred to have the map on their platforms of choice, but they don’t have to wait much longer for that to happen.

It’s also unclear if the devs intend to remake Rebirth Island or release a remastered version. When Raven Software added Fortune’s Keep back in Season Two Reloaded, the map was changed to follow the effects of a devastating earthquake with altered POIs and a massive crater in the center. Everything CoD fans need to know about the return of Rebirth Island should be revealed in the upcoming trailer.

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