WoW SoD rolls on, near-imminent phase 3 launch date confirmed by Blizzard

WoW Classic Season of Discovery players won’t have to wait much longer for a new phase, as Blizzard has announced that the next wave of content coming to the game will be here next week. 

On April 4, the Season of Discovery will enter its third phase, with the level cap once again being increased, and new content being available for players to churn through.  

WoW Gnome Mage holding the Consecrated Wand in WoW Classic
Phase three will bring players to high-end leveling zones such as Tanaris. Screenshot by Dot Esports

On that date, the level cap will increase to 50, which is the fewest amount of levels that the cap has increased by in a phase. But although there are only 10 new levels this time around, we expect the leveling process to still take a bit of time, considering the later in the game you go, the more experience is required to level up. 

As is always the case with new SoD phases, WoW players should expect to collect new runes and talents as you level up. It’s unclear at this time how many new runes will be added to the game, but we expect them to be used on item slots that currently don’t have rune options, such as helmets and bracers. 

The new raid in SoD phase three will be the Sunken Temple (also known as the Temple of Atal’Hakkar). This instance is yet another five-player dungeon that’s being transformed into a full-scale raid. This time, though, the number of players in the raid is being increased from 10 to 20. In the two previous endgame raids of SoD—Blackfathom Deeps and Gnomeregan—only 10 players were allowed in the instance, but that number is going up with the Sunken Temple. This change could possibly pave the way for 20, or even 40-player raids at the level 60 endgame band. 

WoW Classic Season of Discovery phase three will go live on April 4 at 3pm CT. At that time, your experience bar will once again be added to your UI, and you’ll be able to start progressing again, with level 50 being the new endgame goal. 

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