‘Completely unacceptable’: Tyler1 condemns Tarzaned’s actions in recent LoL drama

The League of Legends community has dealt with its fair share of drama in the past, but bright red lines have been crossed this time as private information was spread maliciously by content creators.

Over the last few weeks, Tarzaned and Dantes—two of the most popular League content creators—have been locked in a hefty dispute, with Tazraned leaking that Dantes and his former significant other had an abortion during the first month of their relationship.

After the situation escalated, multiple viewers migrated to Tyler1’s broadcast for his opinion, and he addressed the situation once: he condemned Tarzaned’s behavior, calling him an “idiot” and stating that it is “completely unacceptable, ever, in any capacity” to make that information public.

He related the situation to a difficult moment that happened with him and his wife, Macaiyla, when they found out she had an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg grows outside the uterus, causing life-threatening complications and requiring immediate removal of the egg.

“Things like that weigh on you more than anybody who’s never experienced it could ever imagine,” Tyler1 said. “It’s not like something you just do once, and it goes away forever. When it happens, I swear it breaks things inside your brain.”

Although it isn’t exactly the same situation, Tyler1 said that circumstances such as these are life-changing and leave lasting effects on the people involved. From physical changes to lingering psychological effects, such a sensitive topic should never have never been used to settle petty feuds.

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