Completionists discuss which games take the longest to finish 100-percent

When you purchase a game, you want to make the most out of it. However, some video games take so long to fully clear, it might not be worth it. Players in one Reddit thread have gathered to name precisely those games, in which 100-percent completion could take a decade.

One prime example shared in the thread, posted today, is Final Fantasy 14. It took one player over 10 years to obtain the game’s 2,751 achievements, with a few of the individual ones requiring months to complete. “One of the achievements requires carefully catching one each of over 1,200 species of fish,” a player in the thread explained. “Some fish only spawn once every real-time month.” Another example is the Stanley Parable, which requires players to not launch the game for five years to obtain a single achievement.

FFXIV characters flying in the Endwalker expansion
MMOs usually take the longest to clear 100-percent. Image via Square Enix

MMORPGs are notorious for taking absurd amounts of time to fully clear. This partly has to do with their live-service nature: As devs add more content, the overall time-to-complete increases. While Final Fantasy 14 requires a decade of your life for all of its achievements, interstellar games like Eve Online can take upwards of 20 years to obtain and max out all skills, says one player in the thread. Some players in the discussion think MMOs are cheat answers, what with all the “live-service” stuff. So, what about singleplayer titles (aside from stuff like Stanley Parable)?

One player named Civilization 5 and 6 as the biggest time-sinks, with numerous achievements tied to “once in a lifetime” events. Clearing all of them requires several campaigns, and with one game able to last 10 hours at a time, you can see how time-consuming this can be. The Binding of Isaac is another example named by several players, and its full-clear can require hundreds if not over a thousand hours, depending on how good you are.

I think an honorable mention here is No Man’s Sky, which, aside from the main story, is quite literally impossible to finish thanks to its 18 quintillion potential planets to explore.

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