Concord won’t be free—but every new map and hero will be

Many questions have been raised over the pricing model of the new Firewalk Studios hero shooter Concord, but keen-eyed players might have just found the answer today ahead of pre-orders opening on June 6.

The PlayStation store now lists Concord—both the standard and digital deluxe editions—as available to preorder (in Australia), thus revealing the price: $59.95 AUD (approx. $40 USD). Since June 6 has arrived for the Aussies, eager players there can now preorder the shooter, while those abroad will need to wait a few more hours.

A screenshot of the Concord game page on the PlayStation Australia website.
Around $40 for standard access to the game. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The $40 standard edition comes with the base game, but the $94.95 AUD (approx. $60 USD) deluxe edition also grants three days’ worth of early access, 16 cosmetic skins, and the Monarch Pack—a unique skin for Vale and a weapon skin for Dead Reckoner. Access to the game before its launch in August is the big selling point for the deluxe version, but all players will be able to try Concord via a to-be-announced beta.

The hero shooter genre has quickly become packed with hopeful titles after the release of Overwatch 2, with many heavyweight studios and publishers vying for their piece of the juicy pie. Concord‘s payment model seems to be mirroring that of Helldivers 2, with mentions of new characters and content delivered each week “at no additional cost,” although it’ll be highly likely the Freegunners will need to be unlocked through quests or with in-game currency.

“It’s going to need to make a very good first impression if it’s not free if it’s going to catch on, let alone continue with updates,” one follower said today. Others are hoping a free weekend or expanded beta before launch is available to help dispel negativity surrounding its gameplay trailer, especially after many already dubbed the game generic. “Future heros [sic] and maps being free is how every free-to-play shooter is,” another said, believing Concord will launch with the bulk-standard battle pass format we’ve all come to expect.

Concord preorders are expected to open for the impending U.S. playerbase shortly on Thursday, June 6. The game will launch worldwide in August.

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