The Last Of Us 2 reportedly ready for PC, but TV adaptation is keeping it shelved

Naughty Dog has apparently had all the work for the long-awaited The Last of Us Part II PC release done since as early as November last year, but the company is reportedly holding fire on dropping the port for computer gamers.

This comes from reliable industry leaker Billbil-kun, who has suggested Sony is interested in tying the PC release with the second season of HBO’s The Last Of Us TV adaptation—currently slated to air in 2025. Although that sophomore season won’t cover the game’s entire story, it would make sense to have them drop together to boost sales for the new PC title and spike interest in the already very popular show.

Joel in The Last of Us Part 1 PC
TLoU Part 1 on PC was troubled by optimization issues on launch. Image via PlayStation

The Last of Us 2 did recently have a remastered edition already launch earlier this year, on the PlayStation 5, so some work has been completed there. While there are no words on whether the PC port is based on the same recent remaster or the original PlayStation 4 game, the former seems more than likely. If we had to look at the precedence, Part 1 hit PC in March 2023 and was based on 2022’s PS5 remaster.

This Last of Us port may now be beaten to the punch by another major Sony flagship that’s headed for PC, which is another sequel: God of War: Ragnarök. That sequel update is slated to be released in September later this year.

We reported earlier about Sony’s strategy with their narrative single-player games, which is based around “luring” PC gamers into the PlayStation ecosystem by sharing narrative games with that playerbase. Going by that logic, Last of Us 2’s PC delay wouldn’t be too big of an issue for Sony as that would prompt some PC gamers to pick up a PS5.

When it does eventually launch, be ready to link your PlayStation Network accounts—another fresh strategy change from Sony. As we have seen with prior Sony releases on PC this year, pushing the PSN requirement (at the cost of delisting multiple games in 177 countries and territories) is their modus operandi now.

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