The Last Of Us Season 2’s first look is awesome—but fans hate one big timeskip issue

The Last of Us season two is currently filming and the first set photos are leaking online. So far, fans are pleased with the setup HBO is creating for the show, but many aren’t happy with the timeskip.

The latest photos show newcomer Isabela Merced, who’s joining the The Last of Us cast in season two as Dina, and Bella Ramsey, who’s returning as Ellie. Fans are pointing out how Ramsey did a terrific job portraying younger Ellie in season one, but she doesn’t look older in the first photos from season two, which is supposed to take place five years later.

“I’m sorry, but Bella looks exactly the same as in season 1. We needed an older looking actress for season 2, in the games Ellie is looks worlds apart,” one fan wrote on X.

Some fans are even claiming Ramsey should have been replaced by another actress. “Should’ve recast Ellie for time skip. Ellie went from being 14 to 19 and with a noticeable change in her looks. Bella went from looking 12 to looking 13 with a new haircut,” another fan added.

If you’ve played The Last of Us games, you know Ellie aged considerably between the two. She transforms from an innocent 14-year-old in Part One to a ruthless 19-year-old survivor in Part Two. On top of that, a specific event from the second game influences how brutal she becomes—though we’ll stay away from spoilers in case you haven’t played it. In the photos revealed so far, she truly looks like she hasn’t aged a day.

A promotional image of Ellie playing guitar in the woods from TLOU2
Ellie truly aged quite considerably in part two. Image via Naughty Dog

But despite the criticism, we think it would be disrespectful to recast Ramsey, because she did a phenomenal job in season one. Besides, so far we’ve only seen a few unofficial set photos from season two, so maybe it’s best to wait for official trailers before judging.

The trailers should come soon, as The Last of Us season two is expected to release around at the beginning of 2025—but that’s merely speculation.

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