CS2 player makes the purrfect map by turning her cat into a bombsite

The public has been experiencing a widespread shortage of new CS2 maps since the title’s release. With popular options like Train and Cache still missing, players have turned to making their own. One mapper, in particular, went farther than anyone else by turning her cat into an actual map.

This purrfect creation was made by CS2 mapper LillyKyu, who has recently figured out how to scan real-life places and items and port them into Valve’s flagship shooter. She first shared her ports on March 25 on X (formerly Twitter), showcasing the Hintze Hall in London fully playable in CS2. Later that day, LillyKyu shared a new video of her 3D scanning tools in action—by turning her sleeping cat into a functional CS2 bombsite.

In true Counter-Strike fashion, LillyKyu bombarded the sleepy feline into oblivion and set it on fire with multiple molotovs before finishing the showcase with a bomb plant going off. The mapper even uploaded the 3D model of her cat so other players could make their own versions or mold it into a viable CS2 map.

Counter-Strike as a franchise has seen many fan-made maps crop up, each weirder than the previous. Valve should honestly just take notes on what the community is doing these days and try to ship Train and Cache as fast as possible, lest the player base lose their minds and come up with even stranger maps than the one above.

Real-life locations being ported into CS2 remind me of a time in the olden days of gaming when players would recreate their own houses, schools, or other levels in Doom and similar titles. This just proves that time is indeed a flat circle and there’s no telling what else we will see the CS2 community port into the iconic shooter.

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