LoL supports lose more damage as Riot looks to force them back into utility roles

League of Legends support champions will be centered around utility roles, with Riot Games decreasing their overall damage output in Patch 14.7.

Matt Leung-Harrison, the lead gameplay designer of League, confirmed the developers are adjusting multiple champions like Nami, Nunu, Karma, Sona, and Camille. Most of these champions should see an increase in their utility output and scale down their damage to be less potent on the battlefield and facilitate other high-damage dealers.

camile's splash art in league of legends
Camille has been played in the support role. Image via Riot Games

Camille was intended for the top lane, but she’s slotted into the support role in recent months. The Steel Shadow synergizes with AD carries who lock down enemies and dish out damage. Camille’s ultimate ability worked like a charm in that scenario thanks to the legendary support item Bloodsong, which buffs her auto attacks between her abilities. The Bloodsong item has also received nerfs in the patch to help the case.

Riot has taken notice of how Camille is transitioning more towards the support role while neglecting her primary role as a top laner so that they will be making some changes to her kit. The developers said the support role for the champion is “viable sometimes,” but it shouldn’t affect her dominant role.

The developers also admitted that Janna has been kept off the list of Patch 14.7 nerfs because she has already been nerfed by Zaz’Zak’s and Mandate. The developers will, however, “re-evaluate” if the nerfs don’t hit the mark in the future.

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