Riot devs hit Kayn, Smolder way too hard with last LoL nerfs so now they’re rebuffing them

We’re a week out from League of Legends Patch 14.7, which means it’s time for the usual patch preview, and there’s pretty bad news for those looking to avoid Kayn and Smolder, as both champions are getting buffed again after a little too much tuning last update.

Lead gameplay designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison has today revealed the 16 champs that are going to be receiving adjustments in League Patch 14.7 in a post on X (formerly Twitter), with Kayn’s blue form and Smolder both right at the top of the list for buffs. Phroxzon said that the team is “directionally happy” with where the majority of champs are at, but for Kayn and Smolder specifically, he said the nerfs in 14.6 were too much.

kayn base skin league of legends
Blue Kayn is back on the menu. Image via Riot Games

“We’re aiming about halfway to where they were before,” Phroxzon said on Kayn and Smolder, who both copped the nerfhammer last week after dominating pro and ranked play in March. Kayn got a little buff to his Reaping Slash but otherwise saw his ultimate damage dropped, while Riot moved the goalposts for Smolder’s execute and reduced the width of his W, Achooo!

Kayn has always been a champ League players have struggled to keep a handle on on Summoner’s Rift, but he now sits at a dismal 47.92 percent win rate after slumping across all ranks, according to stat tracking site U.GG. Not everyone is too happy about the planned changes though, with some fans taking to social media immediately. “Blue Kayn needs a buff? Not what I saw from my Elo,” one player said in a new Reddit thread discussing the changes.

Smolder hasn’t fared much better despite an above-average win rate across League’s biggest professional leagues this split: A 47.54 percent win rate at all ranks and even lower at Emerald and above leaves the baby dragon dead-last amongst the popular ADC picks in ranked.

We don’t know exactly where Riot will go with these buffs just yet with further details to be revealed in tomorrow’s League Patch 14.7 preview follow-up, but you can expect more blue Kayn and the Fiery Fledgling popping up on the Rift next week.

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