New agent Clove lets VALORANT players completely break the max kills-per-round rule

As if all the mischief VALORANT Agent 25, Clove, brings to the game wasn’t enough, you can apparently defy the maximum of six kills per round rule with their kit. 

Following Clove’s unveiling on March 24 at the VCT Masters Madrid finals, VALORANT players realized how Not Dead Yet, when combined with Sage’s Resurrection, bumps up the possible maximum number of kills per round to nine. Before Clove, players could get up to six kills per round.

Of course, scoring the maximum of nine kills in a round is almost only theoretical. You have to get a complicated fall damage assist/kill on an enemy Clove to get that. If you’re still interested, a player called koshkamatew_yt did the incredibly complex math for players like you. 

An eight-kill round sounds more doable, and here’s what you have to do to score it:

  1. Both teams should have a Clove and a Sage with their ultimates ready. 
  2. Player going for max kills (let’s call them X) should take down the three enemies other than enemy Clove and enemy Sage. 
  3. Enemy Sage should revive one of their teammates. X takes down the revived enemy. 
  4. Enemy Sage collects two ultimate orbs and kills two of X’s teammates. 
  5. X’s Sage revives one of their teammates. Enemy Sage kills the revived player, X’s Sage and Clove. Clove revives themselves and Enemy Sage kills them again. 
  6. Enemy Sage has her ultimate again. She revives a teammate other than Clove. 
  7. X kills the revived player, enemy Sage, and Clove. Enemy Clove revives themselves and X kills them, resulting in eight kills. 

Scoring eight kills may not be as hypothetical as a nine-kill round, but I can’t imagine it happening in ranked VALORANT games. Such rounds would have to be staged because, by the time Sage runs around killing enemies and collecting orbs, the round timer will likely run out. 

A seven-kill VALORANT round, on the other hand, sounds possible in ranked games. So now that Clove is here, don’t hesitate to try hitting the 7K for a highlight clip. 

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