Dead by Daylight is hyping players up for a new Dungeons & Dragons collab

In a huge surprise, Dead by Daylight has shared a brief teaser of their upcoming collaboration and revealed it’s with Dungeons & Dragons. The teaser trailer doesn’t offer much beyond a Beholder bashing its head against a prison, with a sharp villainous laugh in the background.

Although the reveal was brief, the Dead by Daylight teaser shared they’re planning to reveal more on May 14, when they host their eighth-anniversary livestream. With less than a week to go, fans are eagerly trying to pick apart who the laughter could belong to and what type of horrors the team could pull from the widely imaginative world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Dead by Daylight and DnD Collaboration
Dead by Daylight will be collaborating with Dungeons & Dragons, with more details coming for their eighty-anniversary event. Image via Behaviour Interactive

The teaser was a brief 20-second video, giving us little to build on for the upcoming collaboration. The only thing we see is a Beholder bashing its head into a prison wall, but it’s enough to give us a small taste of what’s to arrive in the upcoming anniversary stream. Dead by Daylight celebrates its eighth anniversary with the May 14 live stream, giving fans a small preview of what to expect for the rest of the year.

The only thing we know about the upcoming collaboration is surrounding that distinct laughter in the background. The tweet only shares fans should “Listen closely to the voice in the darkness …” Whoever is providing that evil laughter could be the focus of the collaboration, but we’ll have to wait to find out more. Given the massive popularity of Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s no surprise to see Dungeons & Dragons appearing in nearly every medium lately.

The previous anniversary event featured Nicolas Cage, a unique Survivor with various unorthodox, acting-based abilities. It was a massive win for Behaviour Interactive and the Dead by Daylight community, who were extremely positive about his arrival. 

Although fans have to wait until May 14 to learn more about what’s happening, there’s much to look forward to with this reveal. Unfortunately, Behaviour Interactive has not shared how large of a collaboration this will be. With the massive world of Dungeons & Dragons at their fingertips, there are plenty of options the Dead by Daylight team can choose to go with, and given their creativity with previous collaborations, they’ll give a distinct twist on whatever they create for their community.

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