MSI 2024’s first Silver Scrapes comes from the most improbable of matchups

In what was arguably the best League of Legends showdown at the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational so far, PSG Talon stunned viewers worldwide as they took Bilibili Gaming to a nail-biting game five in their match today. 

Sorrows and prayers for those who missed the thrilling series between the reigning MSI champions (and LPL first seed) and the PCS representatives today. Most didn’t predict the first time Silver Scrapes would play in the Chengdu Arena would be in the match between the current MSI title holders and a team from the Play-Ins stage. Yet, what a thrill it was for everyone who followed the series from the first minute.

Zhao "Elk" Jiahao of Bilibili Gaming during MSI 2024
Bilibili Gaming bot laner Zhao “Elk” Jiahao at MSI 2024. Photo by Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games

While BLG ultimately secured the win, advancing to the upper brakcet of MSI 2024, the journey to victory was anything but easy, with PSG fiercely contesting every inch of the Rift. The series, which defied initial predictions of a 3-0 sweep in favor of BLG, had the audience holding their breath with its unexpected twists and turns.

Throughout the series, BLG struggled with mid-game macro issues, particularly in managing side lanes and overcommitting to fights, chasing down their opponents in fog of war. PSG Talon seized upon these opportunities, turning the tide of game two in their favor in one strategic teamfight. Despite BLG’s early lead in the series, PSG Talon fought back relentlessly, showcasing their resilience and strategic prowess.

One undeniable strength of the PCS representatives was their ability to capitalize on any opening presented to them, effectively growing their advantages and consistently putting BLG in a defensive position, making it difficult for them to make aggressive plays. Despite BLG’s superior understanding of the current meta, paired with a few unexpected picks, PSG Talon’s playstyle kept them in contention until the very end.

In the decisive final game, BLG demonstrated their mastery of lane swap mechanics, executing a near-flawless game to secure victory in close to record time. Their clinical performance underscored their status as formidable contenders in the international arena, highlighting how they can still be considered the favorite to win the title once more.

In the post-match press conference, BLG support player Luo “ON” Wen-Jun said he  believes that PSG Talon possesses the potential to advance significantly in the tournament.

While the PCS has often been overlooked as a minor region on the international stage, PSG Talon’s valiant effort against BLG showcased the region’s ability to compete at the highest level. Falling into the lower bracket, PSG Talon now await their next opponent, poised to be either current World Champions T1 or LEC first seed G2 Esports.

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