Helldivers 2 players add Master Chief, Buzz Lightyear to the game—and even the CEO is impressed

Helldivers 2, a live-service game, doesn’t support mods. Then again, that never stopped PC modders, who ported popular characters like the Master Chief and Buzz Lightyear into the game. Even Arrowhead’s chief executive was impressed and said he wishes to one day make a game with official modding support.

The characters were ported into the game by popular YouTuber and modder ToastedShoes, who uploaded a video of the whole ordeal on Saturday, May 4. It caught the attention of one X (formerly Twitter) user, who shared the video on May 8. The user said how the “PC Master Race community is laughing at Arrowhead and PlayStation by using mods,” and tagged the developer’s chief executive, Johan Pilestedt. The latter responded on X, calling the mods “hilarious,” and said how he was “impressed by the ability to do these mesh swaps given that the engine has no support for mods.”

Buzz Lightyear, Starlord, and the Master Chief ported into Helldivers 2 by modder ToastedShoes.
Buzz Lightyear is oddly fitting in the Helldivers 2 universe. Image via ToastedShoes

“At some point in life I really want to make a game with proper modding support,” Pilestedt remarked, adding that he “loves modding communities” and claiming that mods are how he got started as a video game developer. Pilestedt also said in another exchange that mods are always great to have and help games achieve their ultimate goal—fun—but also said they can be problematic when they start impacting meta features and the overall experience of other users.

ToastedShoes managed to port in Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy, the Master Chief of Halo fame, and Buzz Lightyear, one of the most iconic Disney-Pixar characters of all time. Helldivers 2 is a live-service title, and one running on an ancient engine lacking any support for modifications.

These ports are beyond impressive and perhaps may inspire Pilestedt or other executives at Arrowhead and Sony to initiate a collaboration with these popular science-fiction franchises. Now, that would be a great day for Liberty.

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