TFT Rotating Shop brings new way to obtain cosmetics in Patch 14.11

A month before Teamfight Tactics’ fifth birthday, the autobattler’s players are receiving a much-appreciated gift from Riot Games. The highly-anticipated Rotating Shop is coming to your client with Patch 14.11, bringing new and past exclusive content for players to choose from. 

Teased by Riot earlier this year, the Rotating Shop will offer a rotating selection of items, including rare Tacticians, Arenas, and Booms, seeking to fulfill players’ desires for specific in-game items. According to Alex Yang, TFT‘s cosmetics product manager, the goal of the Rotating Shop is to provide players with more agency over the content they acquire. And today, more details about the Rotating Shop were unveiled. 

Screenshot of TFT Rotating Shop
The past March, Riot Games shared a first look at the Rotating Shop and its upcoming content. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Rotating Shop will feature two distinct sections, Mythic and Seasonal, each catering to different preferences and tastes, and each with a distinct currency. 

In the Mythic section, fueled by the Mythic Medallions currency, players will find a curated selection of TFT‘s rarest and top-tier Tacticians, Arenas, and Booms. On its release on May 30, the Rotating Shop will include Chibi Prestige Dragonmancer Yasuo, Chibi Divine Sword Irelia, and more—not to mention a new Mythic Chibi, Arena, and Boom. Players can earn Mythic Medallions by going over to the Treasure Realms section, which is also being updated. 

Meanwhile, the Seasonal section, powered by Realm Crystals instead, will offer a diverse range of both new cosmetics and beloved classics. From Dr. Shisa to Arcade Gloop, as well as bringing back Plant Buddy Sprite and even Spirit Blossom Kanmei Lightcharger, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. Realm Crystals can be earned through various means, including Treasure Realms, events, and both free and premium Set Passes. In tandem with the Rotating Shop’s launch, Riot is also revamping the Treasure Realms section.

With the introduction of two new currencies, Realm Crystals and Mythic Medallions, the cost of each Treasure Realm pull will be halved from 100 to 50 Treasure Tokens. To match the adjustment, the Mythic content drop rate will also be lowered as Riot hopes to see “less investment” for each pull and “more rewards along the way”—giving players more control over acquiring the content they want via Mythic Medallions. 

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